Our values

Our fresh thinking and experienced approach means that businesses from across the North West choose to work with us.


We ensure that we translate our technical knowledge and experience into advice that you can use in your business – we make sure you understand the information, and how that will impact you and your business.


We help businesses all over the North West, and many of our clients have been clients with us for a very long time – they know that our knowledge and experience helps them achieve their business goals.

Sounding board

No matter what the problem, we’re here to help. We’re here to offer our business advice, and to act as a sounding board. Our success comes from your success, so we’ve got a vested interest in helping you succeed.

Experienced business people

Our advisors help many businesses, therefore we’ve got the experience to understand how to help your business, from increasing profitability to covering an issue with cashflow. We give straight-talking and honest advice. In our opinion, it’s the only way to be.

Our family

As part of the Cowgill Holloway group, we have all the resources a business might need to succeed. No matter what stage of the business life cycle your business is at, we can help you along with your plan, whether that’s a growth strategy or an exit strategy – we can help you achieve that next step.

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We have used the services provided by CHW from the start of trade and incorporation of the company. We have found their services for tax, accounts…

Entire Projects - Phil Hodson

Ian and his team have been invaluable to me since I moved my business over to CHW accounting. I began looking for an accountant as I…

Belo and Me - Rachel MacGregor, Managing Director

I’ve worked with Nicola and the team for approximately 23 years now, and have always been very pleased and felt like the business is in safe…

Barcon Systems Ltd - Karen Gallagher, Finance Director

As Porsche Automotive Engineers our “world” involves “hands on” work with vehicles where we learned to measure our performance tangibly – (in stark contrast to how we perceived Accountancy…

Hartech Automotive Ltd - Barry Hart

I used to dread receiving my mail and the numerous letters from the HMRC. Now I am able to manage my business and leave all accountancy…

Parthenon Facilities Management Ltd - Mark Wilson, Managing Director

I rely on the team at CHW and I am delighted to have been a client for more than a decade. We were looking for accountants that…

G F Penningtons Office Furniture Ltd - Marie Pennington, Managing Director

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17 October 2018

Understanding Small Business Taxes


With so many complicated tax rules in the UK, it can be difficult to know exactly which ones apply to your business. CHW director, Nicola Roby tackles the confusing world of small business taxes.

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3 October 2018

Claiming tax relief for your work expenses


It’s not just employers who can claim tax relief for expenditure. As an employee you too might be able to claim tax relief if you use your own money for things you use as part of your employment. Nicola Roby, at CHW Small Business Bolton Accountants looks at whether you could save money.

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25 September 2018

Could you save money by switching to the flat...


The amount of VAT a business pays or claims back from HMRC is usually the difference between the VAT charged by the business to customers and the VAT the business pays on their own purchases. However, the flat rate VAT scheme is often preferred by small businesses, Nicola Roby explains the scheme, eligibility how it could save your business time and money.

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19 September 2018

Understand your tax code and check if it is...


Your tax code is used by your employer or pension provider to work out how much Income Tax to take from your pay or pension. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will tell them which code to use to collect the correct tax. Nicola Roby at CHW Small Business Accountants in Bolton gives a brief overview.

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11 September 2018

Registering as self-employed with HMRC


If you’ve taken the big decision to become self-employed there are some compliance issues you will need to have covered. One of the first is registering yourself as self-employed with HMRC, Nicola Roby, Director at CHW Small Business Accountants Bolton explains how.

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