SIngle Testimonial

Hartech are a privately owned family business that started trading in 1984, specialising in high quality Porsche services, with a reputation that is second to none. Their large, well-equipped factory in Bolton, combines modern facilities and equipment with traditional engineering skills and low overheads, providing the highest standards of care.


As Porsche Automotive Engineers our “world” involves “hands on” work with vehicles where we learned to measure our performance tangibly – (in stark contrast to how we perceived Accountancy and Financial Planning) and as a result we previously found it difficult to communicate our financial management needs or benefit from what seemed like obscure advice.

That is until we moved to CHW who understood and interpreted our needs brilliantly empowering us with a similar down to earth level of understanding and control that we have with our cars and equipment – enabling what was a cloudy subject to become clear and manageable by us with renewed confidence.

Barry Hart - Hartech Automotive Ltd

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